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Unlimited Digital Enhances Vas Design's Web Presence, Boosting Client Interaction and Streamlining Purchases

Vas Design has been creating custom furniture masterpieces for over twenty years, skillfully merging forward-thinking design and modern aesthetics with the time-honored craft of wood-carving. Vas Design has assembled a proficient team of artisans over time, who maintain the rich Eastern European traditions of furniture crafting, harmonizing age-old wisdom with modern design understanding.


For more than two decades, Vas Design has been crafting unique furniture pieces that artfully blend innovation, contemporary aesthetics and traditional wood-carving techniques. With a team of skilled artisans, they hold up the long-standing traditions of Eastern European furniture-making, interweaving ancient knowledge with present-day design perspectives.

Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and dedication to preserving cultural heritage have garnered Vas Design a strong reputation in the industry.


Our primary aim was to build an online platform for Vas Design that would not only showcase their diverse portfolio but also streamline the engagement and buying process for potential clients.

By creating an immersive and user-friendly website, we sought to provide a seamless browsing experience that would captivate visitors with stunning visuals, informative product descriptions and intuitive navigation.


To meet our objectives, we chose Elementor as our primary design tool. We meticulously designed a showcase site using Elementor that elegantly displays Vas Design’s portfolio and includes a shopping section for customers to browse and purchase products with ease. Recognizing the crucial role of communication, we integrated a contact form into the website to provide a straightforward avenue for visitors to connect with Vas Design. We also embedded Google Maps into the site to indicate their location and facilitate local customers to locate them more easily. By simplifying the browsing and buying processes, we’ve enhanced the customer experience, leading to positive feedback and a noticeable growth in sales.

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