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Unlimited Digital Enhances Pirin Academy's Digital Platform with User-friendly Features and Optimized Structure

Meet Pirin Academy a vibrant youth sports school with eight active age groups, four of which operate with two teams. They have a dedicated team of highly skilled coaches and specialists. Each team is backed by four conditioning coaches and three goalkeeper coaches, bringing a rich blend of experience and enthusiasm to their roles.


Pirin Academy is a dynamic youth sports school known for its focus on fostering budding football talent across eight age groups. With the support of a highly skilled team of coaches and specialists, the Academy excels in delivering quality training and nurturing young athletes. Their commitment to performance and development sets them apart in the field of youth sports education.


Our chief aim is to develop a platform that distinctly showcases the athletes and their skills in a structured, user-friendly way. The intent is to provide a platform enabling effortless navigation through our player database with athletes categorized based on their respective roles in football.


Capitalizing on the functionality of Jet Engine, we developed a systematic arrangement to categorize players by their roles. This strategy facilitates an efficient search and discovery process for users. We further concentrated on optimizing the website’s link structure to enhance site navigation and SEO performance. The result is a cleaner design and a more user-friendly experience.

These strategic implementations have transformed Pirin Academy’s digital platform into a well-organized and efficient database of player profiles. The neat design and systematic structure have significantly improved site navigation, enabling users to effortlessly locate and view player profiles. Our ongoing efforts will continue to focus on refining user experience and promoting the visibility of Pirin Academy’s promising athletes.

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