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Unlimited Digital Elevates LEGION FC Chicago’s Digital Footprint with a Revitalized Web Experience

Managed by Unlimited Digital, the development of Legion FC Chicago’s website sought to establish a lively and engaging digital platform. Tailored to serve the interests of fans, players and potential collaborators, the website stands as a testament to the club’s commitment to connectivity and the promotion of its mission.


Legion FC is more than just a soccer club. It’s an institution that values the development of not only proficient and smart players but also individuals prepared to navigate life’s challenges successfully. This commitment to holistic development sets LEGION FC Chicago  apart from its contemporaries in Rolling Meadows and beyond. Furthermore, LEGION FC promotes a culture of inclusivity and respect, fostering a nurturing environment where every member is valued and empowered, thereby contributing significantly to the local community.



The primary aim behind the development of Legion FC Chicago’s website, handled by Unlimited Digital, was to create a vibrant digital platform. This interactive online space was designed to cater to the needs and interests of fans, players, and potential partners.



We’ve developed a bespoke website, carefully designed to enhance Local SEO through the use of specific landing pages. To boost local visibility, we’ve integrated a dedicated blog. Built on Elementor and utilizing Jet Engine Crocoblock, site creates seamless linkages between services and blog content. Each service is represented as a Custom Post Type, allowing us to highlight the unique aspects of each service with a feature image, custom header and description. Furthermore  a Jet Engine Form has been included for direct messaging with hidden fields for enhanced security and privacy. The website’s structure is founded on Elementor templates, including review-themed templates, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly design.


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