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IH Carpentry offers exceptional carpentry services with a legacy spanning over two decades. Partnering with Unlimited Digital, they’ve embraced digital transformation to optimize their online presence, providing an interactive, user-friendly platform to facilitate efficient communication, improve user experience and enhance lead generation.


Established in 1994, IH Carpentry is a family-run enterprise with over two decades of industry experience, nestled in the heart of Kent/East Sussex. Their impressive track record of delivering top-tier carpentry services underscores their seasoned expertise with a team equipped to manage projects of diverse scales and complexities. Their commitment to providing unmatched carpentry solutions has cemented reputation as a trusted leader in their field.


The core goal is to drive lead generation by improving the website’s design, optimizing its operation and ensuring smooth administration. We recognize the instrumental role an efficiently designed and well-maintained website plays in realizing these objectives. A well-structured and intuitive website not only bolsters client engagement but also paves the way for efficient communication and service delivery.


Harnessing the capabilities of Elementor, we’ve curated unique dynamic content structures through Custom Post Types, enriching the website’s versatility and interactivity. We’ve also integrated Jet Engine forms to enhance engagement, facilitating ease of communication for visitors to send inquiries, requests or feedback. These instant communication channels nurture an effortless connection with potential clients, subsequently improving customer satisfaction and lead conversions. Our transparency is further evidenced by incorporating custom review themes, which presents authentic customer testimonials, bolstering site credibility. With a data-oriented approach, we’ve implemented ID tagging technology compatible with Google Analytics 4, allowing for precise conversion tracking. This integration aids us in understanding our audience better, enabling us to adjust strategies for optimized results accordingly.

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