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Unlimited Digital’s Innovative Web Overhaul for HEC Solar: Amplifying Global Impact through Interactive Visualization

Unlimited Digital, a leading name in the digital solutions arena, has redefined the online presence of HEC Solar. By developing an interactive project map on the website, we’ve elevated the user experience, offering a real-time visual representation of HEC Solar’s worldwide operations and projects.


HEC Solar, founded in 2012 is a dedicated force in the renewable energy sector and plays a significant role in the worldwide energy revolution. Having successfully installed over 100 solar power plants across the globe, their unwavering commitment to fostering positive environmental change and propelling sustainable energy solutions is commendable. They are at the forefront of the green energy shift, demonstrating an impressive track record and unyielding drive towards a cleaner, sustainable future.


The ultimate aim was to provide an illustrative overview of HEC Solar’s far-reaching influence and contributions towards sustainable development, catering to potential investors, clients or just curious visitors. Our interactive project map serves as a window to HEC Solar’s transformative solar energy projects around the globe.


To provide an engaging and comprehensive experience for visitors, we designed an interactive map on the website, linked directly to Google Maps. This groundbreaking feature enables users to visualize the global distribution of HEC Solar’s power plants. Each pinpoint on the map represents a HEC Solar project, offering a tangible sense of the scale of their operations.

The implementation of this interactive project map has yielded exceptionally positive outcomes. It has enriched the user experience, allowing a deeper comprehension of HEC Solar’s work scope, thus leading to increased website engagement. Visitors can effortlessly view the locations of global projects, obtaining a holistic understanding of our operations.

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