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Transforming psychology practice - a digital marketing strategy for Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova

We look at how an integrated digital marketing strategy transformed Christina Kraeva-Stoyanova’s psychology practice, highlighting the importance of online presence, local SEO, unique branding and effective client communication to achieve professional success in the field of psychology.
Internet and Psychology: Discovering the Potential of Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova in the Online Space

Internet and Psychology: Discovering the Potential of Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova in the Online Space

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We would like to thank psychologist Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova for the trust placed in us by Unlimited Digital. She is a prominent psychologist practicing in Blagoevgrad. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Science and Technology “N. Rilski” and a subsequent Master’s degree in “Counseling Psychology” from P. Hilendarski”, she continued her studies with a course in “Clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy” in Sofia. She specializes in counseling and building confidential relationships with her clients by focusing on the solution rather than the problem itself.

Why a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is particularly important in the case of Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova for several main reasons:

  • Increasing online presence: In the digital age, online presence is critical for every professional, including psychologists. People are increasingly seeking services online, and a strong presence can significantly increase visibility and accessibility, as in the case of Ms. Kraeva-Stoyanova.
  • Achieving local success: Local SEO and Google Maps registration help her attract clients from her region, which is especially important for a psychology practice.
  • Attracting new clients: Through digital marketing methods, Christina can target her services to a specific audience, which increases the likelihood of attracting new clients.
  • Brand recognition: Creating a unique and memorable logo helps build a strong brand identity that can lead to a higher degree of trust and authority among existing and prospective customers.
  • Communication and customer relationships: A quick contact and consultation form eases communication with customers, makes it easier to book appointments and consultations, and improves the overall customer experience.
  • Adaptability and innovation: A digital marketing strategy allows a business to adapt quickly to changing trends and incorporate innovative techniques and methods into its practice.
  • Measurement and optimization: Digital marketing offers various tools and platforms to analyze results and monitor the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns, allowing for the continuous improvement of strategies.

Ultimately, a digital marketing strategy helps Christina Kraeva-Stoyanova strengthen its position in the market, expand its business, and offer better quality and affordable services to its clients.

Steps to build the strategy

  • Quick contact and consultation form: Develop a contact form on the website that allows a quick and convenient way for potential clients to contact a Kraeva-Stoyanova psychologist.
  • Local SEO: Website optimization for better search engine positioning, focused on local keywords and phrases to attract more clients from Blagoevgrad and the surrounding area.
  • Google Maps: Register the business on Google Maps so it can be easily found by potential customers in the area.
  • Created logo: Design a unique and attractive logo that reflects Christina’s professionalism and values.
  • Content: Regular articles and blog posts that provide useful information and advice on psychology and psychotherapy.
  • Social Networking: An active presence on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for greater visibility and the opportunity for direct dialogue with the community.

Quick contact form and consultation

The main purpose of the quick contact and consultation form is to provide an easy and convenient way for potential clients to contact Christina Kraeva-Stoyanova. This also allows for initial contact to be made and for her to assess the needs of the person seeking help before moving on to a formal consultation.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility: The form should be easily accessible from all pages of the website.
  • Synthesis: The form should collect basic information such as name, email address, phone number and a brief description of the problem or issue.
  • Privacy: Ensure that personal information provided through the form is protected and handled in accordance with data protection legislation.

Implementation Steps:

  • Design and Development:  The form should be designed to be welcoming and easy to use, and integrate well with the overall design of the website.
  • Testing:  Before going live, the form should be tested for usability and functionality.
  • Analysis of results: After going live, the effectiveness of the form should be regularly monitored and analyzed to determine if it is achieving the desired results.

Measuring success:

  • Number of forms completed: Monitor the number of people using the form.
  • Number of new customers: Analysis of conversions from the form to actual customers.
  • Feedback from users: Collecting users’ opinions and suggestions on usability and functionality.

The quick contact and consultation form is an important tool that can improve communication between the psychologist and clients. It can facilitate the process of making contact and help Christina understand and respond to people’s needs from the outset.

Local SEO

It aims to optimize the online presence to make it easier for potential clients in Blagoevgrad and surrounding areas to find the psychologist. This includes website optimization, Google Business profile and other elements that can improve visibility in local search results.

Key Features:

  • Keywords: Focusing on keywords and phrases that are specific to this type of service in Blagoevgrad.
  • Google Business: Optimize your Google Business profile with up-to-date information, photos and reviews.
  • Local directories: Registration and profile optimization in local directories and evaluation sites.
  • Mobile optimization: Ensuring that the website is optimized for mobile devices, as many users search for local services through their phones.
  • Social Signals: Use social networking and other platforms to increase online presence in the local community.

Steps for implementation:

  • Keyword Analysis: Research and identify the most relevant and in-demand local keywords.
  • Content optimization: Incorporate the keywords into headlines, meta descriptions, images and website text.
  • Google Business Optimization: regularly updating information, adding photos and responding to reviews.
  • Local links: Building links with other local businesses and organizations.
  • Monitoring and reporting: Regular monitoring of search engine positioning and analysis of website traffic.

Measuring success:

  • Search Engine Positioning: Improvement of positions in local search results for keywords.
  • Website traffic: Increase in the number of visitors to the website from local users.
  • Conversions: Increase in the number of inquiries and consultations from local customers.
  • Feedback and reviews: More positive reviews and feedback from local customers.

Local SEO is a critical component to the success of Christina Kraeva-Stoyanova in Blagoevgrad. Through methodical planning and execution, she can strengthen her online presence, attract more local clients, and establish herself as a leading expert in the field of psychology in her region.

Google Maps

The registration of Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova’s business on Google Maps aims to improve the visibility and accessibility of her services to potential clients in Blagoevgrad and the surrounding areas. This allows people looking for psychological services to easily and quickly find information and contact her.

Key features:

  • Up-to-date information: Providing accurate and up-to-date information such as address, phone number, hours and website.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Collecting and managing customer feedback, and responding to it in a constructive manner.
  • Content and Updates: Periodically adding new content and updating profile information.

Implementation Steps:

  • Create a Google Business Account: Registration and verification of the account, which is linked to Google Maps.
  • Complete information: Provide all necessary information including contacts, description of services and pricing.
  • Profile optimization: Optimizing the profile by adding keywords, photos and updates.
  • Monitoring and managing reviews: Regularly reviewing and responding to reviews to maintain a good image and build trust with potential customers.

Measuring success:

  • Visibility on Google Maps: Business positioning in Google Maps search results.
  • Traffic from Google Maps: Number of website visitors coming through Google Maps.
  • Conversions: Number of inquiries and consultations generated through Google Maps.
  • Positive Reviews: Collection of positive reviews and ratings from customers.

Business registration and optimization on Google Maps are essential to increasing online visibility. This will not only make services easily accessible and easy to find for people in the area, but will also help build trust and reputation through positive reviews and high ratings from customers.

Logo created

The creation of a logo was designed to strengthen the brand of Christina Kraeva-Stoyanova and provide an easily recognizable and memorable visual element. The logo should be associated with professionalism and reliability, and reflect the psychologist’s activities and values.

Key features:

  • Unique design: The logo should be original and unique, distinguishing it from other logos.
  • Color palette: Choice of colors that are consistent with the psychology of colors and reflect Christina’s values.
  • Visual elements: Use of symbols or icons that have meaning and are in sync with the services offered by Christina.
  • Easy to recognize: The logo should be clear and easily recognizable, even at different sizes and on different platforms.

Steps for implementation:

  • Concept: Developing conceptual ideas based on our client’s requirements and desires.
  • Design: Developing the designs, selecting colors, fonts and graphics consistent with the concept.
  • Feedback: Getting her feedback and making the necessary adjustments and changes.
  • Finalisation and submission: Approval of the final design and submission of the logo in different formats for different uses.

Measuring success:

  • Recognizability: The degree to which users recognize and associate the logo with psychologist Kraeva and her services.
  • Positive Response: Creation of positive and professional impressions among existing and potential clients.
  • Consistency in branding: The logo should be used consistently across all marketing materials and platforms.

Creating a logo is a key step in branding for Christina Kraeva-Stoyanova. A unique and professional logo will help her stand out and create a strong and memorable brand that reflects her professionalism, values and specialization in psychology.


Building an effective digital marketing strategy is essential for any psychology professional like Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova. The process requires detailed planning, creativity and adaptability to create a strong online presence and strengthen brand identity.

In Hristina’s case, the focus was on logo creation, optimization for local SEO, Google Maps registration and development of a quick contact and consultation form, which are key elements to improve online visibility and accessibility. These steps will not only help attract more customers, but also make it easier to communicate with them and encourage a trusting and confidential relationship.

Over time, the success of these initiatives can be measured through various metrics such as online traffic, conversions, positive reviews and brand sustainability. Success in these areas will contribute to the sustained growth and development of Christina’s psychology practice, as well as enhance her reputation in Blagoevgrad and surrounding areas.

In conclusion, we again thank Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova for her vote of confidence in Unlimited Digital and hope that the digital marketing strategy implemented will support her professional goals while offering support and solutions to people seeking psychological help and support.



Key Takeaways

Overall strategy: The digital marketing strategy for Hristina Kraeva-Stoyanova includes several key components: logo creation, local SEO, Google Maps registration and the development of a quick contact form and consultation.

Unique branding: Creating a unique and professional logo is a key step in strengthening your brand and creating a strong, memorable identity.

Online presence: Optimizing for local SEO and registering on Google Maps are critical to improving online visibility and attracting more customers from the local area.

Effective communication: A quick contact and consultation form eases communication with clients and provides an easy way to book appointments and consultations.

Constant measurement and optimization: The success of the strategy should be regularly evaluated and optimized by analyzing data such as website traffic, conversions and customer feedback.

Results: When properly implemented, these measures will lead to an increase in Christina’s client base, improved client relationships and strengthen her position as an excellent psychologist in the area.

Client Relationships: The strategy emphasizes the importance of building trusting and confidential relationships with clients, focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Job satisfaction: the gratitude and trust shown by Christina underlines the successful implementation of the project and confirms the importance of creating an effective digital marketing strategy for psychology professionals.